Faculty of Arts - Hamidrasha | Solo Exhibition | Curators : Alona Friedberg & Erez Israeli | 2014

Photo-Tel Aviv art fair | Solo project | Curator : Vera Pilpoul, Dalit Merhav, Hila Tadmor  | 2014

video Installation  |  single channel

8'40" loop

Sound design: Yaniv Schonfeld

WHITECITY depicts a monumental simulation of a landscape, a barren city with unclear boundaries of time and space. The scene shows a skyline of skyscrapers, a distopic urban sprawl. At the same time that the viewers gaze upon the threatening view of large scaled skyscrapers, they realize that they are seeing a model simulation of a city, crafted out of small pieces of aluminium profiles, photographed in the studio and arranged against background projections of urban landscapes.

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Video trailer

WhiteCity Installation view

Installation view



Panorama montage: Still image