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Our Tongue is Confused

After Sunset in the Field | HachavaTel Aviv | Curator : Maya Kashevitz | 2015

Residency Exhibition | Beit Kandinoff | Curator : Arianna Fornaciai | 2018

video Installation  | single channel

3:27" loop

The video work leads the viewer down into an imaginary distopian site. The work consists of dozens of still photographs of construction sites around the country that have undergone a process of digital manipulation that composites them into one space. Despite its recognizable components, the video creates a form of futuristic kaleidoscope or perhaps an archeological site of a glorious past. 

The work creates a sense of disorientation and hypnosis in the viewer.

The work was first shown in public at the exhibition  "After Sunset in the Field" an open-air event at Hachava, a 70-acre Nature space located in the center of urban Tel Aviv. The field is an island of free but domesticated nature, surrounded by architectural capitalism.


The name of the work is inspired by the poem ” Ayalon Vision” by Agi Mish’ol, about the modern Tower of Babel: the high aspirations of technological and architectural achievements, materialism and the ultimate greed of humanity

Our Tongue is Confused, video, 3:27"

Still from video

Installation view - After Sunset in the Field | HachavaTel Aviv

Still from video

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