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40+08 project | Art Marathon in the Negev
 Curators : Or Frish & Michal Lyptsher, | 2015

video Installation  | single channel

2:20" loop

This video installation is the product of Project 40+08, an art challenge that took place in Beer Sheva.  

Materials were collected locally and the work was created during a 48 hour-long marathon.

The still images that are the base of this work were photographed in a building site in Beer Sheva. Various digital manipulations and glitches were used to create a video composite animation, which was then projected onto sheer fabric to create a 3d installation. The sound is a composite of traditional bedouin drums and computer glitches. 

The installation addresses the irony and hubris of using imagery from New York to advertise a building project in the middle of the Negev desert. Ultimately, the sands and wind conquer the human aspirations of building a "welcome" to the metropolis which does not exist.

Welcome, video, 2:20" loop

Detail from installation 

Still from video

Installation view

Installation view

Installation view

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