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Dark Sea

Haiku - Printcreen Festival | Holon Design Museum | Curator : Eran Hadas | 2016

video Installation  | single channel

4:50" loop

A strange sea-scape depicts monumental constructions in the middle of the ocean.

Only the tiny movements of the waves give any indications of life.

Slowly the realizes understands that the large edifices are actually crafted out of small pieces of
aluminium profiles,  arranged in a composition and photographed in the studio

This work was shown in the exhibition Haiku - A Breath Sized Gaze. It is an attempt to interpret the
"freezing of the moment" notion of Haiku, to gaze at the gaze itself, and to refer to the Haikus which

manifest in our physical and virtual lives

Dark Sea, video, 4:50" loop

Still from video

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