Hayarkon 19 Gallery | Group Exhibition | Curator : Avi Lubin | 2016

 Galil Gallery | Group Exhibition | Curator : Hadar Bril | 2017

Still image series  | Single channel video

In the video work Alien, yeast-rich dough undergoes a metamorphosis in front of the camera lens and evolves into torn, bleeding, but living flesh, like a cheap effect in American horror B movies from the 50s and 60s.

In these works, dough symbolizes an element that threatens to disrupt the routine of bourgeois home life, a living organism that slowly strives for independence that may undermine the power of humanity.

Domesticus is inspired by both 16th-century Flemish still life vanitas paintings, and the use of dough or bread in religious rites such as Shabbat challah or transubstantiation in Christianity.