SPIRAL 1 & 2, 2015

Video Installation, single channel

xxx" loop

Still image, variable size

THIS IS PLACEHOLDER TEXT. IT WILL BE REPLACED WITH A DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT. An interaction with a  photo archive inherited from my grandfather who was an active photographer during the depression years of 1920-30’s in New York. In this period during the great depression, 

break down his architectural prints and insert them into my own contemporary photographs, taken at construction and architectural sites in Israel. cross breeding of New york and Israel, combining bridges and interchanges in 


Two channel video Installation

Unsynchronized individual channel durations approximately 4:50 minutes

 total loop time of 16 minutes

BEQUEST is a video collage that examines the territory between simulated memory and contemporary reality. The work is based on an inherited archive of photographs documenting New York during the depression years of 1920-30’s. My intervention (breaking down the inherited prints and inserting them into my own contemporary photographs) re-interprets the formalistic elements of my grandfather’s photographs, fabricating hybrid connections that transform into an imaginary landscape, a cityscape that is simultaneously material and surreal.

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Morse projection view

Projection view

Morse still image

Still image